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In 2011 Cosmo Barbaro Furniture came into existence.   Cosmo Barbaro Furniture primary focus is on original one-of-a-kind furniture for clients, collectors and galleries.

Whether it is an individual commission or a custom built-in project, all of my work utilizes the best domestic/exotic lumber and hardware available.

My work falls into two categories; my own personal designs and client’s ideas that are made into reality.  The design aesthetic is minimal and puts a spotlight on attention to detail, craftsmanship and durability.  Twisted floor lamps  https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/espresso-chest-of-drawers-tall-boy-version/are a perfect example of this.  Each new design has one of these types of joinery; mortise and tenons, bridle joint, dovetails, or finger joints.   We create furniture that will last 100 year or more.

This is only possible through the proper selection engineering and implementation of the traditional joinery.  I strive for the best craftsmanship possible and balance that with a design process that focuses on simplicity and attention to detail.

All designs are original and thought out in my mind, put on paper in the form of a sketch and then drawn in a computer program prior to building.  After the client signs the contract and gives approval on the final design then the piece is built to full scale.

I work closely with each client to develop their ideas into reality.  I get the most satisfaction out of making my clients happy.   My work has been in numerous galleries and publications across the nation.

BFA with honors from Edinboro University in Woodworking/Furniture Design in 1996.  MFA with honors in furniture design at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for American Crafts 1999.

Cosmo Barbaro Furniture makes exquisite handmade custom furniture in Edinboro, PA.  All of our furniture is made in the United States of America.   I will delivery to anywhere in the USA or abroad.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING; Shipping and handling is additional cost and is the buyer’s responsibility.  Shipping and handling charges are separate and itemized seperatly on your invoice and added to the receipt at check out.  All items are plastic wrapped, one inch layer of insulation foam followed by plywood layer protecting the product.  Unless the product says free shipping there will be a shipping expense added to your cart total.

STATE TAXES; are required by law for each sale.  The amount will be determined by which state you live in.  This charge is itemized on your receipt at check out.

SALES AGREEMENT; All sales require clients to sign an e signature document that protects both the client and the artist.  This agreement is a legal binding document.

RETURN POLICY; The buyer has 3 days to fully inspect the package for damage.  If the damage is a result of the shipping company, it will be the buyer’s responsibility to submit a claim in a timely manner to the shipping company and follow all policies by the company to recover any damages.  All items are fully insured.  Failure to do so will result in the buyer paying out of pocket for all repairs.  Should a client decide to send an item back simply because they do not like it there will be a 50% restocking fee and in addition the buyer will be responsible for paying for the shipment of all items back to my studio.  If any issues occur, I encourage the client to contact me immediately to resolve the situation.  I am a very reasonable person.