Custom Furniture Benifits

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Custom Furniture Benefits include having something custom made to your specifications.  If you are in the market for new furniture, chances are that you would never consider a custom furniture due to price concerns.  Common misconceptions are that custom means expensive.  In most cases this is true but if you look at how much longer custom furniture lasts as compared to big box stores like Ashley Home furniture for example you will see that there is really no comparison.{loc_phyiscal_ms}&creative=&targetid=dat-2329246664099352&campaignid=376678335&adgroupid=1239149834354189&gclid=45e8cc4f68311127d595a87ae7f68f94&gclsrc=3p.ds&msclkid=45e8cc4f68311127d595a87ae7f68f94&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=B%7CSEM%7CDSA%7CFurniture%7CNA%7CBoth%7CNA%7CNonBrand%7CBoth%7CNA%7CKitchenDining&utm_term=kitchen%20&utm_content=Kitchen%20%26%20Dining%20Furniture

Custom Furniture Benifits include higher quality meaning the product will last longer.   Cosmo Barbaro Furniture designs furniture to last 100 years or more.

To make things easier to understand the furniture industry has basic levels of production furniture that ranges from low end to high end quality.  It is much more complex than this but you could think of it in simple terms.  Low, medium and high end production furniture.  Most box stores have very medium quality production furniture.  Walmart, Target would qualify as low-end production furniture.  Any production furniture that arises from areas like Highpoint, NC and Hickory, NC would qualify as high-end production.

Another negative from buying from most box furniture stores is that you are directly hurting our economy.  This is due to the fact that most medium to low end furniture originates in China.  When you purchase items from China you help their economy.  If you decide to buy production furniture, please buy only Made In America production furniture.  The lack of OSHA standards mean that items are at a very low price point.  There are massive environmental issues that occurs as well.  Companies in China do not have to follow rules for the environment set forth by OSHA and the government body.

Consequently, buying custom furniture from Cosmo Barbaro Furniture will help a small business and simultaneously allow you to create an heirloom on-of-a-kind furniture specific to your space in your home.  What sets my furniture apart is that we use traditional joinery and the highest quality materials available.  If the average home owner was to add up all of the low end furniture purchased, it would cost as much as a custom one-of-a-kind piece of furniture would be.

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Finally, I want to leave you with this idea to consider.  If you are not purchasing an already complete piece that I design, then chances are you are interested in a custom build.  It is a common misconception that I am not willing to work within your budget.  This is not true in fact the opposite occurs when you hire my services.  In my experience, clients often provide a picture of what they are in need of and a budget.

The general public thinks I only want to produce items I design and build which is not true.  I am always interested in producing any client’s ideas.  Other misconceptions about Cosmo Barbaro Furniture is that he will not work with in a clients budget.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We specialize in working with our clients to enrich their lives with a piece of art that will last 100 years.

I take that information and produce sketches until the client approves the design and an overall budget.  Once the client agrees to the design and budget, I draw a contract up to protect the client and myself buy laying out the parameters and expectations of the project for both the builder and the client.  Resulting in me producing a full-size piece of furniture to the expectation laid out in the contract.



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