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espresso chest of drawers

Espresso Chest of Drawers

Espresso Chest of Drawers is a tall boy version of Espresso Chest of Drawers a low boy version.  Espresso Chest of Drawers features half blind dovetailed drawers, mortise and tenoned base, solid maple drawer backs and polished satin chrome hardware.  The entire structure is made of white oak that is milk painted with a custom milk paint to create the espresso color.  This piece is part of a bedroom set commission.

custom built espresso chest of drawer

Espresso Chest of Drawers

Espresso Chest of Drawers features solid red oak, custom espresso milk paint and a tung oil finish.  (60″ wide x 40″ tall x 19″ deep)  Hand made in the USA and designed and built in Edinboro, PA.   The dresser sits on a over heavy duty base that is extremely over built with 12/4 red oak (3 3/4″ × 3 3/8″ thick ).  Espresso Chest of Drawers will never sag from the weight over time due to the heavy duty engineering involved with the base construction. This dresser utilizes a variety of durable joinery like; double mortise and tenons, dovetails, sliding dovetails, lock miters, and stub tenons, resulting in .  Espresso Chest of Drawers features 8 dovetailed drawers made out of hard rock maple.  Each drawer uses a heavy duty satin nickel drawer pulls from Whitechapel ltd.  Utilizing and applying this level of craftsmanship and joinery will result in this chest of drawers to last for centuries.