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Bubble Bench

Unique one of kind furniture

Originally designed furniture in northwest Pennsylvania

corian, nu buck leather, maple, aluminum, 48 x 16 x 17.

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Bubble Bench, built from my imagination and love of spheres.  This one-of-a-kind bench feature Corian , 3/4-inch plywood, aluminum and nu buck leather.  This unique Bubble Bench uses the CNC to help make this texture.  Once the panels of the bench had a texture, a mortised mitered finger joints ensure it will last 100 years.    Other examples of CNC processes that assist in production of these types of custom studio furniture or one-of-kind custom furniture include 

Supple Barrel Chair utilizes this computer technology to cut the inner frame of 1.5-inch plywood.   This bench has a suede nu buck olive-green leather that contrast the white base of the bench nicely.  There are 3 separate upholstery seating spots.  The top has 3 curves that sort of resemble a wave.   There are 3 corresponding holes cut in the top deck.  The surface uses leather directly glued to it,  The 3 opening have webbing and 2-inch foam.  Once the shaping is complete then the leather is put on the cushion.  Ultimately you want your upholstery to be accurate and pre shaping ensures that.  The staples are hidden with a welt cord.    This custom bench has upholstery to cover the top.  Wikipedia definition of what upholstery is.

The function of this bench is more for occasional use and it is a very eye pleasing piece of fine furniture.  The proportions, scale and materials create a presence that demands attention.

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