Capitalist Lamp

Capitalist Lamp, carbon steel, brass, glass, LED bulbs, inline dimmer.

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Capitalist Lamp is a pun on big oil and our country’s dependence on a fossile fule that are causing our planet to warm at an unprecedented rate.

Steel  flat on a drawing and tack welded in place ground down flipped over and tacked on the other side.  Afterwards final welding and grinding all connections prior to the main body assembly.  Consequently, the shade for the Capitalist Lamp is made the same way.    Once all four sides are created then the body of the lamp and the shade are tack welded together.  Repeating earlier steps of finish welding and grinding.   Capitalist Lamp uses. a brass threaded rod that holds the wire and connects to the top of the lamp.  Transitioning between the lamp body and the custom metal shade is a brass cluster head that holds 2 led bulbs.  Extremely fun to make, although, this custom metal lamp is steel, there are other examples of my work that use alternative materials like steel can be viewed here.,  or

The shade uses custom pieces of glass that are sand blasted and inserted into each panel.  A small cage at the top locks the glass in and a brass final caps off the shade.  I really love this piece and would like to explore a floor lamp version of this and other lamps in the near future.

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