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Elegance Dining Chair

african mahogany, nu buck leather, 36 x 20 x 20.

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Elegance Dining Chair is extremely comfortable and ergonomic.  The seat has a protective finish on it making it more durable to stains and spills.  Other examples of dining chairs This custom Elegance Dining Chair in mahogany is a remake of the original chair design.  This design inspiration comes from the original maple version.

What sets these one-of-a-kind chairs apart is the ergonomic design that makes them extremely comfortable.   Another distinguishing feature that sets this high-end chair apart is the type of joinery this chair.  All joinery is compound integral mortise and tenons.  This type of construction ensures that this custom chair will last 100 years or more.

A bit of history for the Mortise and Tenon joinery.  According to Wikipedia ancient people used this construction in boat building.

The choice of materials creates a contrast between the mahogany and the light color of the nu buck leather.  There is a lot of movement in this chair and in my personal opinion is the back lumbar support.  A bent lamination to create the initial curve.  The lamination is then brought to the table saw to rip into strips,  The lamination stips are mortised into slots on the crest rail and upper lower back rail.  The laminations are mathematically array along the curve of the crest rail and lower rail.  This combination of curves create the foundation of graceful curves that create movement and gesture.

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