Espresso Dining Chairs

Built to last Centuries

Cosmo Barbaro Furniture is made with traditional joinery

ash, espresso milk paint, nu buck leather; 36 x 20 x 20.

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Espresso Dining Chairs use ash which is milk painted with a combination of the real milk paint company’s colors.

The client asked me to match their new kitchen that has cherry and espresso colors.  These custom high end studio furniture dining chairs feature compound integral mortis and tenons.  Espresso Dining Chairs use a finished espresso nu buck leather.  The color combination of the nu buck leather color with the dark paint creates a unique piece that is stunning.  This custom set of 6 chairs is a match with Cherry Extension Leaf Table.

When these unique one-off chairs are paired with the Cherry Extension Leaf Table they create a symbiotic relationship.  They visually play off of each other and the kitchen materials. It is a nice dynamic to see that visual exchange takes place.

Dining chairs are a study of ergonomics and engineering.  The process of designing these characteristic chairs begins with a sketch.  Once the client agrees on the design a computer drawing helps me figure out all of the proportions.  A full size drawing and also samples of joinery are made to figure out where the mortise and tenons will be cut.  The shapes of the legs are left in block form until the joints are cut.  Once the joints are cut and fit the shape is finally able to be cut out and sanded.  Once the joints are cut on all parts  the shapes can be cut out and sanded.  There are 16 integral compound mortise and tenon joints for each chair.



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