Jazz Inspired Lamp II milk painted version

milk paint, glass, silk cord, brass, 3 stage touch dimmer, 16 x 16 x 25.

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Jazz Inspired Lamp II milk painted version aesthetics are from jazz music, particularly utilizing, reading and translating the musical elements to furniture forms.  This line of custom lamps has lots of variations like https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/jazz-inspired-twisted-variation/ and https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/jazz-inspired-mini-blue/ and https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/jazz-inspired-original-lamp-2/.  This Jazz Inspired line of lamps sell across the nation and are very durable and energy efficient.  Jazz Inspired Lamp II featuring a dimmer, LED bulbs, silk cord, a very high-end cluster head that holds the bulbs and a glass shade in most cases.  Several of my lamps have been in galleries across the nation.   One of the best representations from a gallery I have ever had was The Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester, NY.  T he Rochester Democrat and Chronicle published an article that features some of my work, which can be read here.  https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/lifestyle/2016/03/18/nan-miller-goes-into-woods-wood-inspired-show/81907424/.

These lamps are gracefully, playful and fun.  They convey movement when standing still.  You simply rotate to create several different looks. A timeless aesthetic and something that will last 100 years or more.  Each lamp is unique and requires specific building processes.  This Lamp has a hand texture along the curved surfaces. Two layers of the Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Companies colors on top of one another.  Sanding back through the top layer of milk paint to create a unique one of kind color and texture.  The combination of the shapes textures colors and transitions create a gestural flowing form that can light up any room.  A solid brass cluster head and allows the LED bulbs to articulate while holding the glass shade.   A 3 stage in line dimmer is wired into the silk cord allowing the Custom Jazz Inspired Mini Blue Lamp to be dimmable.  

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