Jazz Inspired II Mini

cherry, black milk paint, 3 stage touch dimmer, brass cluster head, glass, silk cord, 12 x 12 x 16.

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Jazz Inspired Lamp II Mini-cherry and pitch-black milk paint was envisioned from jazz music, particularly utilizing, reading and translating the musical elements to furniture forms.  This line of custom lamps has lots of variations like https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/jazz-inspired-twisted-variation/ and https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/jazz-inspired-mini-blue/ and https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/jazz-inspired-original-lamp-2/.  This Jazz Inspired line of lamps sell across the nation and are very durable and energy efficient.  Jazz Inspired Lamp II featuring a dimmer, LED bulbs, silk cord, a very high-end cluster head that holds the bulbs and a glass shade in most cases.  Several of my lamps have been in galleries across the nation.   One of the best representations from a gallery I have ever had was The Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester, NY.  T he Rochester Democrat and Chronicle published an article that features some of my work, which can be read here.  https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/lifestyle/2016/03/18/nan-miller-goes-into-woods-wood-inspired-show/81907424/.

These lamps are gracefully, playful and fun.  They convey movement when standing still.  You simply rotate to create several different looks. A timeless aesthetic and something that will last 100 years or more.  Each lamp is unique and requires specific building processes.  This Lamp has a hand texture along the curved surfaces. Two layers of the Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Companies colors on top of one another.  Sanding back through the top layer of milk paint to create a unique one of kind color and texture.  The combination of the shapes textures colors and transitions create a gestural flowing form that can light up any room.  A solid brass cluster head and allows the LED bulbs to articulate while holding the glass shade.   A 3 stage in line dimmer is wired into the silk cord allowing the Custom Jazz Inspired Mini Blue Lamp to be dimmable.  

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