Jazz Inspired MIni-Blue Lamp


Jazz Inspired II Mini- Blue is a smaller version of an original Jazz Inspired Lamp.  This lamp and every lamp in the series is based off the principle of the musical elements of a jazz tune and transforming them into the basic design elements of the lamp.  The end result is a very graceful and gestural piece that interact with the viewer in a whimsical manner. Jazz Inspired Mini features a hand textured surface that is base coated and top coated in the real milk paint companies colors.  12 x 12 x 18, led bulbs, inline dimmer, polished chrome hardware, poplar, milk paint.

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Cosmo Barbaro Furniture is near Erie, PA in Edinboro.  This unique one of a kind custom Jazz Inspired  Mini Blue Lamp uses solid poplar is the core of this one of a kind lamp.   This and every other Jazz Inspired Lamp is a variation of the Original Jazz Inspired Lamp.  The Original Jazz Inspired Lamp was one of a series of pieces that were part of my thesis work at the Rochester Institute of Technology, MFA Furniture Design Program.  As a result the title of my thesis was Jazz as Inspiration.  The idea was to listen and break down the musical elements of the Jazz tune.  Apply the musical elements directly to the design elements of the custom one of a kind piece of furniture.  In this case a table lamp.

Carving tools apply a hand texture along the curved surfaces of the Jazz Inspired Mini Blue lamp.  Two layers of the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Companies colors on the entire lamp.  Sanding back through the top layer of milk paint to create a unique one of kind color and texture.  The combination of the shapes textures colors and transitions create a gestural flowing form that can light up any room.  A solid brass cluster head and allows the LED bulbs to articulate while holding the glass shade.   A 3 stage in line dimmer is wired into the silk cord allowing the Custom Jazz Inspired Mini Blue Lamp to be dimmable.  

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