Jazz Inspired Lamp Original Red Wood Burl


Jazz Inspired Lamp Redwood Burl is made of cherry, red wood burl, glass, LED bulbs, and a glass shade, FREE SHIPPING!

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Jazz Inspired Lamp Original Red Wood Burl aesthetics are from jazz music. Particularly utilizing, reading and translating the musical elements to furniture forms.  This line of custom lamps has lots of variations like https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/jazz-inspired-twisted-variation/ and https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/jazz-inspired-mini-blue/ and https://www.cosmobarbaro.com/product/jazz-inspired-origidnal-lamp-2/.  This Jazz Inspired line of lamps sell across the nation and are very durable and energy efficient.  Jazz Inspired Lamp Original Red Wood Burl features a dimmer, LED bulbs, silk cord, a very high-end cluster head that holds the bulbs and a glass shade in most cases.  Several of my lamps have been in galleries across the nation.   One of the best representations from a gallery I have ever had was The Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester, NY.  The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle published an article that features some of my work, which can be read here.  https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/lifestyle/2016/03/18/nan-miller-goes-into-woods-wood-inspired-show/81907424/.

These lamps are gracefully, playful and fun.  They convey movement when standing still.  You simply rotate to create several different looks, which is fun.  A timeless aesthetic and something that will last 100 years or more.  These lamps are hassle free and just perform and as we all get older, the lamps will look the same as the day you bought them.   Each lamp is unique and requires specific building processes.  This lamp is made with wenge veneer and inlay.  This lamp like all my furniture is by hand.  So, if you love jazz music, please take a look at this lamp.

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Jazz Inspired Lamp II

Jazz inspired lamp II


Redwood burl, cherry, wenge, glass, 60 watt led bulbs, inline dimmer. 15x15x25.  Each lamp is sold separately and costs $3000 per lamp.

Jazz Inspired Original 2016


Redwood Burl, Cherry, Wenge, , 60 watt led bulbs, inline dimmer, glass shade. 15x15x25. Price is per lamp.

Jazz Inspired-twisted variation

Jazz Inspired Lamp–twisted variation


elm burl, wenge, glass, polished nickel, LED bulbs, inline dimmer. FREE SHIPPING!

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