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Jeanie Writing Desk Chair

fiddle back makore, african mahogany, wenge, maple, nu buck leather, 36 x 20 x 20.

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Jeanie Writing Desk Chair is an experiment with dentil details.  This is paired with an amazing clam shell desk entitled Jeanie Writing Desk.

The materials are mahogany, fiddle back makore, maple, wenge and nu buck leather.  Jeanie chair uses compound integral mortise and tenon construction.  This means that each tenon has a double angle on each shoulder.  As a result of construction techniques chair construction is very difficult to accomplish.  Wikipedia defines a mortise and tenon joins two pieces of wood.

The geometry of the chair is as follows.  4 legs with mortises connect to 4 rails with a tenon on each end.  A bent lamination for the back.  The back lamination has a marriage to the back legs via floating tenons.

The dentil detail is on the bottom of the rail and the top of the crest rail.  This detail is made of wenge and maple.  They are individual pieces that use glue to attach to a groove.  The bottom rail is technically an edge inlay.  The crest rail dentil detail is a simple edge glue operation.

The final detail is the nu buck leather seat that utilizes a lighter color that pairs well with the maple inlay.   The interior of the seat is a 1/2-inch plywood, webbing, 2-inch foam, denim pre shape material and leather.  Over time leather with finish on it holds up best durability wise.

The Upholstery pop in seats final size is determine by the rabbit opening.  properly.  Once the plywood is the appropriate size then the upholstery process starts.  Once the upholstery is complete then a layer of black cambric material covers the bottom.

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