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Recycled 150-year-old Poplar Outdoor Benches

Recycled 150-year-old Poplar Outdoor Benches are custom one of a kind outdoor furniture that is build to last 100 years.

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Recycled 150-year-old Poplar Outdoor Benches originally existence was as the post and beam structure of a 150-year-old farmhouse in Northeast, PA.  The beams are recycle wood material.  Torn down from the farm house, the beams had a home in their barn.  As a result the beams were in immaculate condition.   The owners gave me this material .  They did so with the intentions of a commission of a custom outdoor table & bench.

The material the Recycled 150-year-old Poplar Outdoor Benches was the starting point to design this bench and table.  I chose heavy 12-inch beams for the tops.  The table the top is flat, but the bench seat has a curve.  This was cut out with a chainsaw and chisels.  I start to refine the surface with course sandpaper transitioning to fine sandpaper.  An epoxy finish protects it from the elements and prevents mold and rot.  The lower rail consists of galvanized 1 1/4″ pipe and connectors.  This will also hold up to the weather.  The legs and arch support where the rails fit into it are fit into holes and epoxy is used to permanently connect the custom furniture elements.


Incorporating recycled materials into my work is a goal of mine.  I intend to buy some portable sawing equipment to start sawing up yard trees that are turned into firewood.  There are many examples of recycle custom wood furniture that I have built in the past which include,

Wikipedia defines poplar wood as a hardwood timber,

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