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Recycled Cherry Bench


  • 48 x 20 x 17, cherry, textured aluminum, espresso nu buck leather.

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Recycled Cherry Bench is sawn from a yard tree and has been air dried to preserve the amazing color qualities that occurs when you air dry certain species like cherry and walnut.  There were opportunities in the past to resaw my own lumber and it is a very exciting prospect for me.  One overall goal of Cosmo Barbaro Furniture is to eventually go green by sawing my own lumber.  Examples like  and and

Recycled Cherry Bench is  a prelude to what i want to accomplish in the near future .  My goal to purchase some portable sawing equipment to start resawing my own lumber.  Wikipedia defines recycling as  reusing old materials into new products.  There are a number of benefits from doing this, like control of the material.  I can control the thickness and the look of the just by rotating the log a certain way.  Economically speaking it make a tremendous difference in my overall profitability by eliminating my lumber supplier.  I want to target quarter sawn lumber for its visual characteristics, and I want to air dry the material especially cherry and walnut.

This bench is from a Pennsylvania yard tree and from the lumber i made two beautiful mantles and this bench.  The cherry for the top is a rich red color and at first is very light.  Cherry is a photo synthetic wood which means that it darkens when sunlight shines directly on it.  This means that the Cherry only gets more beautiful over time.  Although air drying lumber has its drawbacks, like a higher moisture content and longer time to dry.  (each inch of thickness equals one year of drying time.)  The benifits outweigh the disadvantages in the form of color. The other wood in North America whose color is affected by air drying is walnut.

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Dimensions 48 × 20 × 17 in
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