Shattered Series Coffee Table


Deco Inspired Inlay

satin wood, wenge, aluminum, 48 x 24 x 17.

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Shattered Series Coffee Table material include satin wood, wenge and aluminum.  This coffee table is part of study entitled shatter series which includes a pair of side tables made of Makassar ebony which can be viewed here,  Shattered defined as a breaking apart into small piece,

This veneer which adheres to a core of MDF (mid density fiber board) is thicker than standard veneer.  Giving the table more durability and longevity.  The purpose of MDF is for two reasons first it is extremely flat making it ideal for veneering.  The second reason to use MDF is for stability.  It ensures the core will not move creating a stable base for the inlay and veneer.   The inlay must not sustain damage by the natural expansion and contraction of wood.  I draw the design on the surface and cut with an 1/8 “straight bit to create the grooves for the inlay.   The wenge is a nice contrast to the satin wood which is such a beautifully yellow green vibrant color.

The legs are 2 inch by 2 inch solid aluminum.  These leges are made on the bandsaw by hand and a texture is put on with a grinder.  They attach to the underneath of the top with giant aluminum tenons.  The legs replicate the shatter idea and are attach to the lower rail through welds.  The overall lower frame is complimented by a simple lower rail that crosses itself to create an X.  All aluminum elements are mig welded.

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