Stripe Series Upholstered Stool


maple, milk paint, nu buck leather, 16 x 12 x 17

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Stripe Series Upholstered Stool is part of a lager body of work; Stiped Series.  Stipe designs are a favorite of mine in fashion, architecture and my nephew always wore clothing with stipes when he was a toddler.  As a result, I was drawn to a series of custom furniture pieces that has this stripe detail.  Stripe Series Upholstered Stool has 3 main parts.  Curve top, 4 legs and the upholstery shape that sits on the top.  The legs have the signature black stripes which use black milk paint.   A number of other products fall under stripe series and can be seen here.


The construction of this stool is as follows, the top has surfaces cut on the jointer and planer.  Then a curve, originating on the bandsaw. Pieces have glue put on the edges and clamps squeeze pressure to create the top.  Once the curve is perfect, the layout of the round tenons begins.  The mortises cut on the drill press with a Forstner bit.  This gives the stool a splayed stance.  As a result, an extremely strong and durable stool what you see.

The legs forms are a result of the lathe.  Painter’s tape separates the areas that are to have a black stripe put on them.  As a result, in no bleed through making them appear to be individual piece of wood.  They are a permanent fixture to the top through the use of epoxy and clamps.

Upholstery in a tan nu buck leather is on the maple top.  This is a pull and staple technique.

Upholstery originates from the “middle English word upholder which refers to an artesian who makes fabric furnishings.”  You can read a bit about the history of upholstery here;


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