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Supple Barrel Chair

nu buck leather, milk paint, maple; 36 x 30 x 36.

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Supple Barrel Chair has an interior that is screw and epoxy 1.5″ thick plywood. together.  This to ensure that the foundation of the frame is really strong and durable.  The interior of the chair was the 1st part of the upholstery process.  The arms and back were pre shape with fabric before the final tan nu buck is put on.  Supple Barrel Chair features a tan nu buck leather that is finished for durability.  Upholstery comes from the Middle English word “uphoder”.  Wikipedia definition of upholstery can be read here;

Once the frame is complete then the inner parts of the chair are done first with pre shaping fabric material that is pulled over high density 4″ thick foam.  Once the pre-shaping for the arms and back are complete now its time to upholster the seat deck.  The interior of the chair has webbing on the back and seat deck.  Supple Barrel Chairs forms rely on clean upholstery shapes.  The pre shape process allows for accurate results.  This is due to pre planning in the building phase.  Over the years there are several examples of custom upholster products;

This chair sits on hard rock maple legs that have black milk paint stripes.  This piece is part of a larger number of pieces entitled “Striped Series”

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