Twins Table Lamps


Twins Table Lamps – mahogany, brass, glass, silk cord, LED  bulbs, in line dimmer, 16 x 16 x 25.  This lamp is sold separately and is $950 per lamp s&h fees apply.  This lamp is a made to order item and can be made in other domestic hardwoods.  allow 4-6 weeks, all piece are shipped with insurance.

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Twins Table Lamps utilize mahogany as the base material.  The shape, cut on the lathe is elegant.  Wikipedia defines lathe or lathing as  The process of using a lathe offers the ability to turn objects in to round forms.  Twins Table Lamps creation uses a lathe; the main parts include a base, body, cluster head and shade.  The main body of the lamp runs into the base of the lamp with a round tenon.  A solid brass cluster head sits on top of the lamp body; it holds the bulbs and supports the glass shade.  A silk cord and an in line dimmer controls LED bulbs.  The Twins Table Lamps that are picture are sister pieces that came into existence at the same time.

Other examples of table lamps can be found under unique handmade lamps Unique Handmade Lamps | wooden lamps – Cosmo Barbaro Furniture.  To turn a piece of furniture in this case a lamp is wonderful.  The lathe allows you the ability to make custom furniture on the lathe.   Utilizing face plate and spindle turning give me the freedom to explore shapes with precision and accuracy.   Turning furniture on the lathe is something I have always been intersted in and try to encorperate possible.   Other examples of turned furniture include the following,


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