Twisted Floor Lamp

cherry, mahogany, wenge, maple, milk paint, glass, 150 watt halogen bulb, glass, 84 x 16 x 16.

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Among the Unique Hand Made Lamps exists the Twisted Floor Lamp.    Twisted Floor Lamp   stands out due to the custom hand shaped twists that start atop the base and run up the height of the lamp. Made of mahogany and cherry these two imposing floor lamps are twins.  Other examples from the floor lamp category include,  Pin Striped Floor Lamp,  Scalloped Floor Lamp

The whole premise of this design revolves around movement that occurs from the twist shape.  Combined with the impressive size these lamps are graceful and elegant and create and imposing presence in the room.  According to Wikipedia floor lamp or torchere can be seen here;   This Twisted Floor Lamp is very graceful and refined.  The overall dimensions of this Floor lamp are 16″x 16″x 84″ which makes this unique handmade lamp stand out.    The parts of this lamp consist of a base, shade support and two main vertical structures.  All parts of this Floor Lamp are put together with round mortise and tenons.  This joinery will ensure that these lamps last 100 years.

The process for shaping stated with band sawing the base out first and prior to that laying out and cutting a double floating tenon.  This will connect to the center part which is the start of the twist. The main body of the lamp is cut into a rough taper.  Depending on how much twist you want you find the mid point of the top square and transfer the bottom square points accordingly.   Transfer each point on the base edge to the new lay out lines.  The shape utilizes hand planes, cabinet scrapers and spoke shave.    As a result a graceful twist that finishes with a top finial that holds the glass shade.

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