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Walnut Stool

Walnut, Aluminum 14 x 14 x 36

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Walnut Stool uses some of the most beautiful walnut I have ever seen.  Walnut is very sought after for furniture making.  This particular walnut has color that is amazing.  Walnut is a native species to North America,

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This Walnut Stool has a 3-leg design with a lamination for the lower rail.  A grinder texture is visible and creates a sense of depth.  Aluminum pins lock in joinery and create a distinct contrast with the walnut. Like cherry walnut far superior color wise when it is dries by air.

There are 2 processes for drying lumber.  The first is air drying and the second if kiln drying.  Air drying involves mother nature and particularly wind to dry the lumber.  Kiln drying involves a large oven that essentially bakes the moisture out of the lumber.  Air dried lumber is around 12 % moisture content and kiln-dried lumber is around 5-7%.  The color of kiln dried walnut is more like a washed out brown as opposed to a vibrant brownish purple color.  Walnut is the most expensive domestic hardwood.  There are subspecies that peak my interest like claro walnut. This material in California, and I hope I get a chance to work with it.    Example of other types of stools Cosmo Barbaro Furniture makes.

The thing about stools is that they take a lot of abuse.  Mortise and tenons ensure the piece will hold up to abuse.  The geometry of this stool is as follows, there are 3 main supporting legs and 3 rails.  The main supporting legs is the back leg.  It has a rail that connects it to a front rail.   All joinery is exposed and features aluminum pins.


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