Egypt Round Side Table


Egypt Round Side Table inspired by Egyptian Art and Art Deco Art.  This item is a made to order.  Turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks.

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Egypt Round Side Table falls into the side table category.  Its Aesthetics derives from two components Deco and Egyptian Art.  Wikipedia has a brief history of woodworking art and tool use that can be seen here.  Egypt Round Table is part of the striped series that Cosmo Barbaro Furniture makes.  Examples can be seen here. Egypt II Side TableStriped Series Coffee Table

There is a reason why Egyptian furniture lasted as long as it did.   Their advanced knowledge of traditional furniture joinery.  Mortise and tenon construction, dovetail knowledge in both commercial and residential applications.

Egypt Round Side Table is made of solid hard rock maple.  All of the black details are ebonized with pitch black milk paint.  The top all one piece and is turned on the lathe.  There are 4 legs that are center turned on the lathe and large circular tenons are added for the joinery.  Correspondingly the underneath of the top is drilled out at an angle with a large Forstner bit.  Once the legs are painted and finished then they are glue to the top.  After which the wipe on polyurethane is applied.  This table is solid and so is the joinery which is why it will last for centuries.

The Dentil detail is inspired by Art Deco details and decor.  In this case the step on the top is mathematically laid out, masked and painted with pitch black milk paint.  This custom Egypt Round Table has stunning appearance and is timeless in its beauty.  Additionally, this custom side table is a recycled yard tree that I was able to saw myself.  In the near future it is a goal of mine to resaw my own lumber for better quality, better color, quarter sawing ability, sawing thicker items than normal (over 4 inches), being greener for the environment.

This particular piece is part of a larger group of furniture entitled “striped series furniture” that I have made throughout my career.  Similar items can be found at; and

Strips are a favorite design aesthetic of mine that shows up frequently in my work.   In 2016 I had the opportunity to show at the Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester, NY.  Striped Series Coffee Table, Striped Series Side Table and Egypt II were featured in her gallery and the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle wrote an article on it which can be viewed here.  This table features 8/4 solid white oak that is constructed with 3.5″ round tenons that were epoxied into the mortises.  Very stout and durable and last for 100 years.  Wikipedia defines durability as the following “durability of a physical product to remain functional with maintenance”.

Our furniture including this table are made with traditional joinery ensuring they will last a lifetime.







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