Contemporary Seating

contemporary seating

Contemporary seating is a unique design and ergonomics challenge. In all seating products Cosmo Barbaro Furniture stresses ergonomic and structural joinery. We strive to create a one of a kind functional works of art. Our seating uses the same joinery as the ancient Egyptians furniture. Each chair utilizes custom compound integral mortise and tenon construction. Comfort and durability are really important features in contemporary seating because of the wear and tear it naturally undergoes each time it is used.

Elegant and Versatile Contemporary Seating Chairs

You design your living space to be an elegant reflection of your style and taste, but one thing that can take away from that is the wrong furniture. It is hard to create an elegant looking room without elegant furniture. At Cosmo Barbaro Furniture, we have a selection of beautiful seating furniture that is the perfect blend of tasteful aesthetics and smart design. All of our seating designs on our site are here;

This includes chaise lounge chairs, custom dining chairs, ottoman stools, nubuck leather sofas and much more! They are also space-efficient and versatile. You can combine our stools and dining chairs with a complementary dining table or bistro table for an impressive effect. Our wooden stools are also magnificent accent pieces in themselves, which means you can use them to amp up the character of any space.

Designer Sofas and Barrel Chairs: The Best Choice for Your Living Room

Our unique and modern sofa and barrel chair designs will surely impart comfort and class to the interiors of your living room. Clean lines, premium upholstery and high- quality construction – all of this make our furniture, like our chocolate sofa set, the perfect addition to any space, regardless of its style or decor. Nubuck leather, we use often on dining chairs.  Resulting in a soft and luxurious finish.

At the same time, the material also exhibits a higher level of durability than most of the other leather upholstery materials. . Fully upholstered furniture consists of an inner frame of ¾” to 1.5” thick plywood. Webbing is attached to the seat deck, arms and back. Depending on the client, we use low to medium density foam to make our cushion. This is an exceptional padding, giving you a cozy and comfortable feeling when you sit on them. They also feature minimalist stitching, which lends them a seamless and sleek look. Their legs are highly durable and can withstand heavyweights, in addition to providing spectacular decor accents.

Find Eye-Catching Ottoman Stools and Modern Outdoor Benches back, put up your feet and relax with our selection of stylish and comfortable ottoman stools. Pair them with your sofa or barrel chair like a modern alternative to classic recliners. Ottomans can also work as a substitute for coffee tables, which is a great option if you do have much floor space. You can also use them to create extra seating space in your living room and bedroom. And when not in use, you can easily stow them in a corner. They work perfectly in smaller rooms because you can store them in a closet or behind a sofa.

At Cosmo Barbaro Furniture, we also offer sleek outdoor benches that can instantly jazz up your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for furniture to decorate your poolside, patio or backyard, we have an array of benches for you to choose from. Shop our collection of contemporary seating, such as wooden stools, sofas, and ottoman stools, and we guarantee that you will keep coming back for more. Get in touch with us if you need more information. Have a unique space that requires a custom one off design; please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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