Salvaged Cherry Bench

Cherry, wenge, 48 x 16 x 17.

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Salvaged Cherry Bench was re-sawn from fallen yard trees.  The legs are made on the lathe.  The top which started as 2-inch solid cherry has a curve put on the top surface.  Salvaged Cherry Bench has through joinery (round mortise and tenon joinery with wenge wedges).  The round tenons are through tenons and can be seen on the top surface.

The curve that is shaped into the top creates a very comfortable.  Re-sawing my own lumber is exciting and fun, and I hope in the near future to be able to transition all my work to salvage yard trees.  Particularly in cherry and walnut air drying these species is beneficial from a color perspective.  In other words, the natural color of walnut and cherry is far superior when it is air drying.  This piece was auctioned off in memory of a dear friend who passed away.  There is significant meaning for me with this piece because of the relationship between us.

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Cherry is an amazing wood and Pennsylvania has an abundance of it.  Wikipedia has some interesting information on cherry.  

Another interesting fact about cherry is that it is a photosynthetic wood.  This means that is darkens with exposure to sunlight.  Which only makes Cherry more attractive and timeless.


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