Chocolate Ottoman

nu buck leather, decorative nails; 24 x 16 x 17.

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Chocolate Ottoman  has a 1,5 inch plywood frame that includes 4-inch-thick high-density foam.  Made in conjunction with

Wikipeuphdia defines upolstry as the following “Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with paddingspringswebbing, and fabric or leather covers. The word also refers to the materials used to upholster something.”

This custom ottoman uses cholate nu buck leather.  The forms exist as a result of the bandsaw and upholstery processes.  With a pre shape process for the upholstery prior the finish leather resultsinr accurate upholstery shapes.

Once all shapes are final then a texture brass upholstery nails are put on all edges.   The ottoman is supported by hard rock maple legs.  The feet are made with the bandsaw.  Then they are milk paint that is a chocolate milk paint color.   Once the paint is complete then the feet are custom textured with a small v tool,

The shape of the feature a curve the swoops down and out.  Consequently, a beautiful gestural quality in this custom ottoman.  I put a custom design on both the Chocolate Ottoman and Chocolate Sofa.  This is one example of how designs can be utilized to create a custom furniture set.

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