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Chocolate Sofa

nu buck leather, maple, milk paint, 70.5 x 36 x 30

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Chocolate Sofa features nu buck leather in espresso.  The interior is 1.5-inch plywood that is screwed and epoxied together.   Large 10-inch thick high density foam was used for the seat deck. The upholstery is pull and staple finishing with decorative upholstery nails.  Chocolate Ottoman is the companion piece for this sofa.  Chocolate Ottoman

Wikipedia defines a sofa as “a piece of furniture also called a couch.”

“A cushioned item of furniture for seating multiple people.”

This sofa focuses on use of curves both from the upholstery cushion shape and also from the underlying form.  The goal was to combine simple forms to create a sleek seating.  This piece rests on large maple legs that are made on the band sawn.   The feet are sanded then a chocolate milk paint.  Then hand texture with a carving tool.  I really was trying to create a sense of moment through the use of both linear and 3-dimensional shapes.

Chocolate leather is finished nu buck leather that repels water and stains and holds up to abuse.  Leather durability over time is much greater than fabrics.  Leather wears well to abuse, spills and cleans up easy.  It is most important to select a type of leather that is finished from a care perspective.  All shapes are pulled and stapled with decorative nails to hide the staples.  This Sofa is paired with a matching ottoman creating a unique custom sofa set.

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