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Balance Bench

Balance Bench – Balash, milk paint, textured aluminum, 60 x 20 x 17.

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Balance Bench utilizes ash trees that damage was a result of a windstorm on the campus of University of Brockport, Suny NY.  The University sent out calls for bench designs.  Balance Bench was one of the winning designs.

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The design is a combination of minimal and art deco.  The dentil edge uses influences from art deco and combines them with both minimal and modern.  Resulting in a very clean geometric shapes and modern because it incorporates solid aluminum.  A unique texture creates a jewelry type feal to all the parts that have this texture on them.  Balance Bench lower aluminum frame texture with a ball mill and a die grinder.   Tedious work that pays off with huge dividends after the final product is complete.

I have utilized this texture technique on several other pieces like. 

The process works like this i had the pleasure of picking this recycled ash up from the sawmill in Churchville, Ny.  Each bench design had a specific number of board feet of the ash from the campus of Brockport University.  In my case I used the supplied material in a large lamination that ended up becoming the sphere the supports the bench top.

After the lamination were complete the result was a large solid cube of ash.  I rough shaped the sphere with a chain saw prior to placing it on the lathe.  Once on the lathe I slowly made a 16-inch diameter sphere out of solid ash.  The sphere had a very large round tenon at the top which attached to a large round mortise underneath the bench top.  The Sphere also has to holes drilled into it

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